Did they bake in the 1300’s?

Did they bake and what did they bake?

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    Yes, they baked and way before then too.  What did they bake?  That depended on where you lived just like now, the size of the ovens, the fuel used, how often the oven was used and whether it was a communial or private oven.  Running an oven was an all-day affair.  

    Bread was pretty much baked everywhere with all kinds of regional variations, plus differences in class.  No matter where you went you could be sure that white, wheat bread was what rich people ate because that was the most expensive grain, processed in the most intense way.  Bread was considered essential to the serving of food, so much so that it became synonymous with "food," hence "give us this day our daily bread."  Since ovens started out very hot bread was baked first, then rolls, then pies and finally little tarts and things that needed to dry out as the oven cooled down again.

    Pies were VERY popular, both sweet and savoury and all mixed together.

    This is one of the most famous cookbooks from the 1300s:


    It contains pie recipes.  Btw, at this point in history "curry" (modern spelling) meant to dress a dish (with sauce, mediaeval cooking is all about the sauce) so that it be fit to serve.  It also meant "to groom," as in horses.  We still have the word preserved in the expression to "curry favour," to butter someone up.

    Ovens didn't change much from Roman times until very recently. 

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    Yes, people have been baking bread for thousands of years. 

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    Cooking and food would have been a lot more basic back then. Most people would have lived on what we would call casseroles and stews, although bread would have been baked and eaten.

    Most people wouldn't have had an oven. There would have been a communal oven in the village which people would have used.

    Obviously, the very rich would have had a more varied diet. But still basic to modern standards.

    Sugar as we know it was unknown. Honey was used to sweeten food. And the very wealthy would have some sort of sweet bread / cakes. There was no baking powder. Yeast was the only rising agent.

    So, yes, baking was around. But very limited and very basic.

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