Is John O'Hara underrated?


Yes, I value your opinion Mr. Andrew here. 

Update 2:

He seems to be in the same league as Erza Pound, Roy Campbell ,and Yukio Mishima who all **** the literary bed by being right wing nutters. However; I think O'Hara was just normal right of center GOP like William F. Buckley Jr. and his pal Jack Kerouac, and not an avowed fascist. 

Update 3:

It has been said that O'Hara is F. Scott Fitzgerald for those who do not like F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

Update 4:

Yes, I recall now that you like Celine. 

Update 5:

I have read Celine. I enjoyed Celine. However, the way I feel about it is that obviously ineffectual and/or loony right wingers do get a pass. I have six million reasons not to give a guy like Celine a pass. No, I cannot separate Celine from actually what happened. Sorry, that is just how I feel. 

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  • Andrew
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    3 months ago

    In all honesty I've never read any of his stuff. Just reading up on him now, he seems like a rather interesting fellow, and I greatly enjoy a lot of the books and stories from the time period in which he first started to write, so I've added him to the list. I'll see if I can find one of his short story collections and one of his novels as well. Cheers for the suggestion, matey. 

    In all fairness, I've never been on board with the belief that an author's political views correlate with that person's level of talent. There have been some extremely talented writers who were brazenly and unapologetically right wing and there have been some that are awful. The same can be said for middle-of-the-road types and left wingers. It might actually surprise you to learn of the personal politics of many well-known writers. 

    Fair enough if you're the type of person who's unable to separate the artist from the art, so be it. I didn't name any of my kids after Céline, but although he wasn't a spectacular human being, he was a brilliant writer. 

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