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I am a teen boy, and i am thinking of growing my hair out. what do you think, will people think differently of me ?

Right now my hair is 5 inches on top , and 1 inch on the sides.

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    Other people your age are very likely to see you differently because people your age judge others so heavily on appearance that a change in a person's hairstyle often changes how they see that person. If what they see outwardly is different, then they see the person themselves as different. That's because people your age tend to be that superficial, as superficial as hair. 

    Any mature adult won't have their thinking of you made different simply because you let your hair grow a few or however many inches. That's because grownups know that it's just fvcking hair and that growing hair out doesn't actually change a person any more than cutting hair off does. To believe it does is to ridiculously believe that one can change an entire personality in the few minutes it takes to give someone a haircut. I mean, if that were really true, we wouldn't need to pay psychiatrists hundreds of dollars an hour for months or years but instead would just bring about personality overhauls by sending folks down to Supercuts and getting it done for under $10 in less than 15 minutes.

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    If you lived in front royal or Winchester va you'd fit right in

    I see lots of guys with long hair there.

    It really depends how u wear it

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