If gutter cleaners come but can’t do the job as quoted 600$, but send an invoice for 120$ for a vague ‘roof report’ even tho I never wanted ?

a roof report, do I have to pay? Report says “ need new roof and gutters” not specific or detailed. 

Would you pay? 


Yes it’s quite a high building, 2 story and on a slope so it’s kinda awkward. Is that quite expensive?

Update 2:

Thanks for all yr help, yeh it seems there’s lot of crooks around these days especially in Melbourne suburbs 

Update 3:

Anon- you’re so mad you’re making up words!  It’s not a den but a heritage listed property. Besides u missed the point. Take ur meds 💊 

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  • Fred
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    4 weeks ago
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    Sounds like fraudsters to me.  How big is the roof on your house as $600 is a lot to just clean gutters.  If you agreed to pay them this money for gutter cleaning but all they did was give you a roof report you didn't ask for then don't pay as they gave you something you never asked for and did not do what was agreed.  For $600 I would want a minimum of 15 man hours of gutter cleaning and that is a lot of money to clean gutters, even high gutters.

      If these guys knocked on your door offering their services to clean their gutters then definitely don't pay them.  Likely they would not even clean your gutters as you can't get up there and check their work.  Also likely they would know a guy who does cheap roof restoration and the guy would ask for several thousands up front and you will never see them or your money ever again.  This goes on in cities all the time and these fraudsters get away with many thousands.  Generally they look for old retirees as they know these people can't do the work themselves and are very trusting.

      If they become threatening call the police and likely they will try and talk you out of it but if you keep your nerve and don't give in likely a call to the police will have them running away very quickly.  Try and get their vehicle license number so the police can go straight to them and check whether they are real or fraudsters.  A photograph of them or their vehicle with the number plate visible would be the best.

      They aren't going to take you to court over $120 bill even if they threaten you they will.   Did they give you a business card with their name and ABN number on it as in Australia if operating a business they must have an ABN and most businesses put it on their business card.  Don't just accept because they give you an ABN that it is real.  Maybe if there is a phone number on their card or quote phone it and see if it is real as it may be just a random number they made up.  

      Most lawyers will give you a free consultation to discuss legal matters and they will give you some free legal advice.  Likely they will ask to see any card or written quote so take that with you.  If they have never given you either then I am sure they definitely fraudsters as they do not want to leave any evidence that can be used in legal proceedings if they are caught by the police.

      If you are an elderly person and they came knocking on your door looking for work then I am sure they are fraudsters and if they start bullying or threatening you slam the door in their face.  Then call the police and make sure you have any information they have given you such as a business card, a written quote, as well as their vehicle registration number and what names they have given to you.  Do not buckle and give in and pay them anything as once they can see you are able to be bullied they will gouge you for every cent they can.  Stay strong and likely when they see you cannot be bullied they will go and look for someone who they can rip off.  Then give any information you can to the local police and see if they can find them before they can rip anyone else off.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    you sound like a freeloader petrol isn't free you called them they came and $120 is their service call how many houses do you go to for free? As the building is obversely a den that no amount of cleaning will fix you were billed so you wont waste their time again,

  • 4 weeks ago

    No i would not 

    they quoted $600  to clean the gutters ????

    wow there must be a lot of guttering to clean out 

  • Jill
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    4 weeks ago

    I wouldn't. If you never accepted a quote for them to do a 'roof report' instead of the gutter cleaning they can't make you pay for it. They would have to show that you agreed to them doing that for that price.  

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Yes, if gutter cleaners performed a service for me, I would pay.  I'd also ask the "gutter cleaners" why I was being charged $120 for nothing specific.  I wouldn't be asking strangers on Yahoo what they would do.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You would need to check the contract if one. If it went to court I suspect you would need to pay something as it would be seen as unreasonable to call someone out then they spend time and get nothing.  Maybe they have minimum callout of $80 and $40 for a report. The fact that they couldn't do the job is unlikely to be enough to pay nothing.  

    Usually what would happen is that they would ring you when they see the roof and realize the condition it is in. Then they would say they can't clean it. Then you would say OK and they would say you are still up for $120. You could then ask if they can fit a new roof and not pay the $120.  

    This is the problem with a " sight unseen free quote . " 

  • ?
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    4 weeks ago

    i would talk to a lawyer about it

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