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Who would win in an argument Aquarius & Gemini or Libra & Sagittarius?

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  • Janet
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    There is no way to asses this using Sun Signs (often miscalled "zodiac signs" or "signs").

    Your Sun sign only indicates how you relate to yourself, in order to try to feel good about who and how you are.

    Mercury is the planet that indicates our style of thinking, of drawing conclusions, and of communication.  It does't indicate how intelligent someone might be ... only how they USE whatever level of intelligence they have.

    In order to use astrology to answer your question, we would have to know, for each of these 4 individuals, what Sign and House their Mercury was in at the moment they were born, and what "angular aspects" Mercury might have been making to any of the other 9 "planets" in their individual birth chart.

    Mercury could be in the same Sign as their Sun, but is never appears in the sky more than 30 degrees from where Sun is, so they could have Mercury in the Sign before their Sun's Sign, or in the Sign after their Sun's Sign.  No way to tell unless you do up their unique natal chart.

    Even then, since astrology doesn't control us but is only an influence on us ... it may be difficult to compare the mental and verbal acuity of these 4 individuals.

    Please understand that Sun sign astrology is only a gimmick to make money writing for a general public who doesn't understand astrology.  Your Sun sign is only 2% of your entire natal chart, and no two people are astrologically identical. More than that, everyone has ALL 12 zodiac signs active in their own natal chart .... to varying degrees and about specific areas of life, depending on the specific natal chart.

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