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My brain can only think negative thoughts, how do I change that?


There's not a single positive thought in my head

Update 2:

For example: you're dumb, you have no friends cause nobody likes you, you'll end up alone, people Always abandon me..

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    just be positive. think of the good knew all this stuff before and thats the real cause of ur distrauhtness in the past, and u tried. So just take a nice sigh and say u know what i tried. i dont feel ashamed , any girl or guy would have felt the same way. so just know in ur heart u tried. and ur feelings were justified. Then just continue being positive.

    if u want revenge i know its not for a happy ending. a person must lose everythin, that living nicely or proving someone wrong is not an option, when you needed that person for that. So settling scores is a form of lifting burden of the chest. im not like others that will tell u otherwise.

    but overall just think of nice things. be proud to be single. i know its the other parts of the ego that are the problem and not the romance part. Thats why i said my advice is different.

    tc. once again do not fight the feelings. any guy's sister would feel the same.but never did lol, do not feel the feelings are wrong. wrong would be laughing for no reason. taking insults and laughing. that is wrong.not the other mellow stuff.

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    I'd suggest that you go for an initial consult with a licensed professional therapist, who can give you a diagnostic impression and outline the tools to reach your desired goals.  You might be experiencing depression, or something else, but check it out, this is a good route to take. Good luck, 

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