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Did the British government ever meet with the IRA for peace talks?

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    Tony B liar certainly did, let all the murderers go free. 

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    Yes. There is documentary by Peter Taylor: My Journey Through the Troubles detailing with how the resolution came about.

    Only way to resolve an impasse is to negotiate. 

    Government realized they could never defeat the IRA, militarily.

    Whilst the IRA too realized they could never defeat the government. 

    Two people from both sides put out feelers. Michael Oakley a retired mi6 agent to a receptive Brendan Duddy a derry business man, who acted as the intermediary between the two disputing sides.  This subsequently led to talks up the rank. And a peace deal.

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    Yes they certainly had unofficial and secret discussions with Martin McGuinness from 1971 on.   The various governments kept the identities of the IRA ruling council members a secret from the general public.  The question always arises in cases like that - how much were people on each side influencing each other?  To what extent did British Intelligence aid McGuinness and vice versa?

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    How do you make peace with a country that's occupying your country?

    The IRA were showing their resistance to the occupation of Ireland's northern counties by the British.

    Yes the British did meet with the Irish beligerant fractions but, first seriously after British PM Thatcher had escalated the conflict into a full blown war.

    At this point the Americans step in between the to warring parties and brought them to the negotiating table. The Good Friday accord was the result of the American's peace initiative.The Good-Friday agreement is guaranteed by the Americans.

    PM Thatcher was told to stop he warmongering in Ireland and the IRA was told to disarm.    

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    3 months ago

    Yes But the IRA broke every agreement Including the last one today they are all Geriatrics with No Money

    the Americans stopped Funding the IRA after 9/11  

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    3 months ago

    lol sure same way they have the army in nothern ireland , lets talk peace while we hold you country at the end of a gun ..

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Try googling the Belfast, or Good Friday Agreement. 

  • The British government deal with worse scum than that, so yeah, why not...

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    3 months ago

    We should have behaved like the Russians did in the Second Chechen War. That would have sorted the paddy scum out.

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    Files just released by the National Archives show Margaret Thatcher took part in negotiations with the IRA during the 1981 Hunger Strikes, BBC investigative journalist Peter Taylor has said.

    The contacts took place through an MI6 officer and a secret back-channel to the IRA code-named Soon.

    Soon was Londonderry businessman Brendan Duddy.

    Mr Taylor said Mrs Thatcher altered by hand one statement sent to the IRA.

    "When I read these documents I was astonished," he said.

    "I think that they are revelatory and of genuine historical importance because they give lie to all sorts of assumptions that were made incorrectly about the Hunger Strikes and the relationship between the government and the IRA.

    "These documents spell it out large that Mrs Thatcher was involved in negotiations with the IRA."

    The documents contain details of eight phone calls between the MI6 officer and Mr Duddy during the weekend from 4 July to 6 July 1981.

    Among the proposals coming from IRA prisoners was that senior republican Martin McGuinness, now Northern Ireland's deputy first minister, be allowed in to see them in the Maze.

    This was turned down by the government.

    "That was all to do with the government's insistence, Mrs Thatcher's insistence, that she did not negotiate with terrorists, she did not and would not negotiate with the IRA.

    "The documents clearly indicate that that was nonsense, that was going on all the time behind the scene."

    In the final call from Mr Duddy on Monday 6 July, he said the IRA endorsed their earlier demands and wanted to see a government response before it was made public. The government sent a statement straight away.

    "This letter represents the government's final negotiating position," Mr Taylor said.

    "Margaret Thatcher made changes to it in her own hand.

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