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How to make an older cat and a kitten get along?

I have an 8 year old male cat, neutered, and I recently rescued a 6 month year old kitten from being thrown outside, a girl and not spayed yet for another month. 

I separated them for a few weeks, slowly letting them smell each other and be around one another. The kitten is very social and tries to play with him, but aggressively, but the boy is very passive and will hiss and paw at her. So then I separate them, until she calms down and then reintroduce them, then they sit next to each other, it's just when she wants to play she is very chaotic and he does not like that. I try to play with her as much as possible to exert energy, but she just wants to bother the other cat all day. I don't know what to do, I cant rid of either one. 

The cats wont be living with each other for too long, just another year or so. But still, I want them both to be comfortable. I feel awful for putting the passive cat under stress. Any advice?

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    You did the right thing by separating them. That should have done the trick. If the female is not yet spayed, that could make a difference.

    But, if she is pretty active and already spayed, try letting her outside for little sessions, to get her energy out. If either she is too frightened for this, or other reasons, you may need to find a different home for the new kitten. Some cats may not get along due to personalities. 

    For a cat, a full year is a very LONG time. Your older cat may not be up for all that activity. It is kind that you have saved this kitty, but you need to consider your older cat, first.

    NEVER let a cat who is not spayed, outside. That is asking for all sorts of trouble.

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    At the end of the day, you've done everything you can, but sometimes, you just need to let them sort it out for themselves and get over each other. Of course she wants to play, play, play; she is a kitten and not too far removed from being with other cats. Your cat has been used to being alone, and here comes this usurper, trying to dethrone him. 

    Your older cat will 100% set boundaries for the younger one if you let it come down to it, but you just have to let them. The more you separate them and remove her, the more she thinks she will get away with it; HE needs to put the young one in her place, not you. This is just a cat thing now, nothing much you can do except monitor their playtime and how they are with each other. Unless it's balls to the wall fighting, spitting, hissing, yowling, ears back, out for blood FIGHTING, they should have it out and deal with it. 

    When I introduced my boys, my older cat was more curious and wanted to play. He's always been more submissive. The kitten was having none of it, until one day, they got used to each other and the kitten went on a rampage and started terrorizing my older, sweet, calm boy. I was SHOCKED when my older one hissed, swung, and bit the younger one in the neck and pinned him down. The younger one got it real quick that he was NOT the king of the household and they have played and tolerated each other since. I let it happen. Sometimes, you cannot control the pecking order and just need to let cats be cats and sort it out for themselves, otherwise they will never get used to each other.

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