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Why a UK birth Cert?

Why specifically a UK birth Cert for a provisonal licence. 

I have other documents that they will accept but only with a UK birth Cert. I was born in Germnay so naturally I have a German birth Cert (I lived there for like 2 years and I am british mums British).

 Anyway I have tried to get a passport but they sent it back claiming it was he wrong birth Cert, when it is what is given to people born in Germany my mums friend over their says that's the one his daughter has (she is older than me by a few years i think, so it's not like it's a new layout even so the passport office should be updated about it).

But yeah why a UK birth Cert, I have tried before and they sent it back asking for a passport I think and yes the birth Cert cos I did not realise it said UK birth Cert...anyway thanks.


I have looked at the site....that's why I am asking this question just so you know

Update 2:

I came over on my mums passport all it has is my name and DOB not exactly great proof of ID that and I have read the instructions as stated before, all I want to know is why is it a UK birth Cert they as for on particular.

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    You do not give us your year of birth but the rules changed in January 1983.  Before that being born in the UK made you automatically British.  But also before 1983 mothers could not pass on their British citizenship to foreign born children although they could (bizarrely) add them to their passport as minors. 

    Depending on your father's nationality, that might leave you stateless which means you would automatically be entitled to German citizenship.

    If you were born after 1983, you need a British parent otherwise than by descent.  If your mother is British, where was she born?  If she was born overseas, that is your problem right there.  The solution is to register as a British citizen.

    If you were born after 1983 and your mother was born in the UK, you will need to submit both her birth certificate and yours (with a certified translation of course) for your first adult passport.

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    You need to read the instuctions as you clearly haven;t

    You must send the original document with your provisional driving licence application.

    You must send one of the following identity documents if you do not have a UK passport:    a current and valid foreign passport    a biometric residence permit (BRP) issued in the UK - formerly known as the identity card for foreign nationals    a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) national identity card    a travel document

    In so far as being born in Germany. living there until you were two, so you have a passport.

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    I suggest you look at their website. It gives you options apart from a U.K. birth certificate.

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