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Nikon D3100 problem?

I have had a Nikon D3100 for many years and all of a sudden when I took a picture a thick black line appeared across the top of the picture. Now it's there. Sometimes when I first turn on the camera and take pictures, it's fine for the first few pictures and then the line appears again. What is wrong with my camera? Can I fix it or do I have to take in to get fixed or is it just best to get a new camera?? (Tried to attach a picture but it wont let me)

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    If the black line is only on the LCD image then live with it until you change the camera body.

    If it’s appearing on the photos themselves then it’s time to search for a replacement camera as a low cost entry-level model like the D3100 is not economical to repair. Even Nikon frequently just swapped them for another body if a warranty claim was made.

    But as the camera body will be a total loss anyway, you can use it as a learning experience when you carefully take it apart until you reach the sensor. If you’re very lucky, disconnecting and reconnecting the ribbon cable will fix the fault. You’ll also need to have been lucky enough to not damage anything during dismantling and reassembly. 

    Even if the repair fails (highly likely) you will have gained a lot of experience in how various edge connectors work and how to safely unlock them and how to reconnect and re-lock them. You could also salvage various screws and fasteners from the scrap body as they’re great (often years later) when a single missing screw on a camera body or a lens is all you need to fix it.

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