Does the Scottish highlands need to become repopulated in order to take the weight off London and other cities seeking congestion charges?

What, with the Covid epidemic, it now seems insane that in today's modern world in 2020 people would continue to live by cramming on to tube trains like sheep, or on to busses like cattle.

People cannot go around wearing masks forever.

And now London has became so congested, the London authorities are raking in £20 pp per day with their congestion and pollution charges.

But whilst they may think it is great, making all this money, the fact that they are able to charge people on minimum wage this horrendous amount, in order to keep away from virus infected people, means that healthy and acceptable living standards have became unattainable in London.

Congestion and pollution charges are "proof" there is a problem.

But they are "not" viable solutions to the problem.

The only solution i can see is the Scottish highlands need to become repopulated, and become Britains most modern city, thrown up quickly, China style.

The answer to the problem is less people crammed on public transport.

Less vehicles on the road in one area.

People spread out more.

Less business and commerce in one area, and more over a number of areas.

The other problem with London, is the new big brother culture were cameras appear to be set up to extort money from every motor violation under the sun, regardless of how minor.

Again, having so many draconian laws, that a person cannot even pull over on a red route for thirty seconds, is another sign of unattainability.


If a person coughing his guts up because of a virus he picked up from someone that crammed on a tube train, cannot pull over for 30 seconds on a red route, in order to cough his guts up without risking killing someone, without receiving a £190 fine through his door, with a threat to confiscate his/her vehicle in the event the fine does not get paid, and this is after the person has already paid £20 for the privelege of driving in London and contacting Covid, then it is overpopulation

Update 2:

Extra info in to what the question is.

The question is not what is or was your job occupation.

It is not whether i received a fine or not.

It is not what your opinion is on my grammar.

The only constructive opinion required, is whether or not the Scottish highlands could be put to good use for a healthier and less over-populated "Great britain".

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    "Unattainability"? What is that? On busses like cattle? Single deckers, I hope as cattle might find the stairs difficult. How can someone "extort money from every motor violation under the sun"? I used to teach English in London, but I doublt that I taught you!

    Have you just been fined for obstruction?! Use public transport!

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    3 months ago

    Not my concern...THIS IS USA..

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