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Is there anyone current/ex army who can help me.?

I'm a writer and i'm working on a piece about soldiers in Afghanistan. I'm still in early stages of creating characters and such and all i know about life of a soldier is what I've seen on tv and film. So any information you think would give me a better idea of what its like to be in armed forces, like anything at all, thought processes, living conditions, out in the battlefield, just anything would be greatly appreciated :) 

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    That is kind of like saying "you are living in a foreign country, what are your living conditions".

    It really depends on the timeframe and location.  Other than early on (pre-2003), Soldiers in Afghanistan would not be living in tents, they would be quarters with walls, maybe not well-built, but fair with floors, power, and even heating/air conditioning.  The vast majority of Soldiers and Marines would have 3 hot meals a day and access to showers regularly if not daily.

    There is no "battlefield".  When you arrive in the country you are in a combat zone.  Yes, Bagram is pretty safe.  They even started giving out speeding tickets (around 2005), but there were still a few rocket attacks.  On just about every base, there were contractors and stores to buy items.  Soldiers had internet access even if it was slow.  Both Amazon and deliver to military APO addresses, so anything can be ordered.

    You are away from your family, but it isn't difficult to get access to MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) phones or internet for calls, texting, or skype.

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    In general people were armed and trying to kill me.

    Writing outside YOUR field of knowledge is always a mistake.

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    One of the most requested items by troops in Afghanistan or Iraq,  was baby wipes,  believe it or not. 

    and you would think that's an odd request, but they served a number of purposes in dirty, gritty, sandy terrain, and were great for cleaning the sand and grit out of their weapons. 

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