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Which Food Are Good for hair growth?

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    99% of the components of hair are made of protein. If it is insufficient, the hair may become thin. Typical foods that are high in protein, which are “natto,” “eggs,” and “milk. “

    There is an important role of Zinc for improving metabolism and is a required nutrient for reducing hair fall and improving hair growth.

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    While hair growth is mostly regulated by genes and nothing can "speed grow" hair a healthy diet does allow hair -and skin and nails - grow at its genetic peak. Hair, skin and nails are all part of the body's largest organ, the body's outer covering known as the skin. 

    Nutrient dense foods are best and protein should be top of the nutrient list. Hair (and skin and nails) are built from the amino acids in  protein so it makes sense that high quality protein in the diet helps. Eggs, fish, milk and dairy, ean meat such as chicken and lean beef all provide your daily requirement of protein. B vitamins help the body use the protein and metabolize it. Fish eggs, lean meats and lots of veggies are loaded with B vitamins. Healthy fats and oils found in fish, nuts and seeds, and healthy vegetable oils keep skin (and the hair attached to it) healthy. Round out your health diet with fruits and complex carbs such as whole grains. 

    What doesn't help is mega doses of vitamin pills, gelatine pills, herbal supplements.  And protein rich foods plopped on the head do nothing more than waste food. The banana, honey  and yogurt hair mask would do more for your hair if you eat it. 

    Dietary changes take four to six months to start showing results. Be patient! When you do start to see real results it will be in more than just your hair -all of you will be looking and feeling a lot better.

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    Eating healthy.  Eating vegetables

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    Fishes. Everyone I know who eat fishes have very healthy hair 

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