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Could ten pin bowling using a football catch on?

Instead of using a ten pin bowl, i think footballs should also be a viable alternative.

The rules would be one attempt with right foot.

Then next attempt left foot.

Then right, left, right, left, and so on.

Also this would be a terrific football training exercise.

Would be good training for passing the ball along the ground, with both feet, at the sametime as making one competitive and installing a winning mentality as the training exercise includes trying to defeat your opponents.


Also as the player is required to use their weaker foot every second shot, it would also build up the ability of their weaker foot, and give them more confidence in their weaker foot for matchday.

Update 2:

However i think the sport for training purposes would be better practised on an athletic training circuit than a bowling alley.

The reason being, that the skittles will start at the distance of a bowling alley, but every third attempt will see the skittles being brought farther back until only the person that can kick the ball straightest and longest is able to hit strike them.

The running lanes would be used as the bowling alley.

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    I dont think it has much purpose on a training pitch, however for entertainment it's a brilliant idea. Foot golf is a similar concept, played it on a stag do and it was such a laugh. Add this to bowling allies with lighter pins, add alcohol, you'd have a right laugh

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