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How do I bond with my degus ?

I need help!

I have 4 girls that I rescued however I can't get them to trust me  I walk into the room and they dart and hide. When I'm trying to give them some food one of them tends to go for me all the time and does a sort of hiss at me. The other 3 I can't even get near or look at. I have tried to give them treats but nothing I don't know what to do. I don't know there age or what happened at there old home. I just want the best for them and I feel like I'm failing.

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    It takes many many hours to bond with them, not just a day, Week  or even month.  If they were not hand reared they tend to stay feral like around everyone and don’t see h7mans as friends until they get your particular scent etc.

    It does help to handle them a lot, try keeping one in your pocket carrying it around with you.  I have a backpack I have setup for my picket Pete do they can’t jump out.  There is a screen mesh they can see out of and I have shredded paper for them to dig and hide in while ride around when I’m not handling them.  

    Remember they lived and baths, they live to tunnel and Burroughs and spend a lot of time dinning and making nests.  I have used plain newsprint (unprinted on) or some brands of paper towel for them to nest in and feel secure.  They also have a split level housing as many pocket pets love exploring.  

    Degus love exploring and digging they are avid chewers and will destroy anything plastic or wood so beware.  Spend some time and read up on their care and dietary needs.  You also need to be cautious on the type of bedding you choose.  Some litters are too sharp gravel like and some too large Pieces and some are overly dusty.   You can’t leave them in a wire cage with trust the grate for then to run on, they van get a condition called bumble foot.

    I cheat on many of my pocket pets to help them get used to me faster,  I have a piece of rope they can chew on that had my scent all over it.  They get used to my scent from it being in the cage with them and I talk to my pocket pets a lot.  If you can’t think of what to day then recite some poems or rhymes you know do they also get used to your voice.

    I have had everything from fancy to field mice, reptiles, fish and farm animals.  I’ve been pet orientated for over 50 years, while not an expert on any particular pet I have had a lot of experience with many. 

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