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Virgo girl and Libra boy, any thoughts?

Me: 31/8/1992

He: 30/9/1990

Don´t be rude, please. Thank you

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  • ?
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    3 weeks ago

    Please write time of birth and place of birth for your answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Virgos are not a thrill. But it is up to him...My husband's first wife was Virgo and he got so bored of her. He is an Aries.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Do you really need strangers and superstition for approval of your relationships? If there is a best combination, there must be a worst. What if we say it’s the latter? Will you just dump him?

    Astrology is great for making excuses.

  • Janet
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    1 month ago

    One Virgo (Sun in Virgo) girl might get along great with one Libra boy., yet be a total distaster with a differnt Libra boy.

    That is because you are using Sun sign astrology, which is just a gimmick for making money and is not really astrology.

    It is easy to find your Sun sign. All you need is the month and date of birth. Real astrology calculates (using computer software and apps, these days) a MAP of the ecliptic for the MOMENT someone was born, as seen from the place they were born.

    This map (a "horoscope=" ) has 40 to 50 factors in it and your "Sign"(Sun sign") is just one of those factors.  No two people have identical birthcharts.

    More than that, HOW we get along with someone else is NOTshown by any of the Signs in our chart, but by how our 10 planets and Ascendant interact with the OTHER person's 10 planets and Ascendant.

    Unless your Ascendant or Descendant is within 8 degrees (not even necessarily in the same Sign) of the OTHER person's Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars, no matter how hot it may seem at first .. it is not likely to last mmore than a year or two.

    IF you can find out, for BOTH of you:

    (1) the day, month, year of birth

    (2) the EXACT minute and hour of birth (no approximate times or the answers may be wrong)

    (3) the location (city/town) of birth ....

    Then and ONLY THEN can you get any accurate astrology about compatibility.

    But understand that ALLcomparisons show SOME conflict.  NO one is perfect, so no relationship is perfect and that applies even in astrology.

    But IF you can find the birthdata for both of you, go to this site and plug it in .. you get an instant and free chart comparison (synstry reading):

    It's an okay website, ... we astrologers don't use references to interpret, but there is very little website synastry that does the work for you for free.  So for someone like you who does't understand astrology, it is better than nothing.

    Just remember that the less-accurate the birthtimes are, the less-accurate the reading/interpretation will be too.  Sometimes even just 4 minutes off on one birthtime CAN give you realy inaccurate results.  Because you don't have the actual birthcharts for the two people.

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  • 1 month ago

    theres nothing wrong with that

  • 1 month ago

    My thought is if you two are born in 90 and 92, you are not a boy a boy and girl, you are a man and a woman.  And as adults you should put away childish games like Horoscopes (which have been debunked time after time) and find out if you actually like being around each other.  Mutual interests and a combination of similar and complementary traits will tell you compatibility more than anything.

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