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Best device for playing movies from usb on tv?

So basically I am wondering if there is a good device for playing movies on my usb on my tv. My tv itself does not recognise certain formats of movie file so it doesn't play about half of my library. I was wondering if there is a device that won't be so picky with formats, and preferably has a remote control? Also it would be cool if it has a resume playback feature.



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    Go to amazon and check out android boxes.They run anywhere from $40-90 and are perfect for what you want. They play any format.They play movies from a usb stick or portable hard drive to your tv or av amp.

    They  have remotes and continue playback from their kodi player menus.

  • Dze
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    dont know ,, you could recode them into a compatible codec a few at a sitting, but it likely varies with the tv to, dont have alot of experience with different tvs but im sure that some will recognize more formats than others and theyre likely listed in the documentation somewhere ... my roku tv will play about 90% of them ..

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