Why is Unlevered FCF smaller than Levered FCF? And why do some companies not report FCF in their financial reports (10-K)?

Got a school project. Was wondering why the levered free cash flow for a company was larger than unlevered? From the calculations, I clearly see it’s due to Net Borrowings that’s making the levered free cash flow so large and I also do understand this number isn’t counted in unlevered since cash is provided to both debt & equity investors. However what is the big picture intuition behind this other than looking at a variable? 

Secondly.. I saw companies like MCD writing out its FCF in 10-K to reason its ability to turn profits into cash (FCF Conversion Rate). But is there any reason to why other companies like SBUX don’t include this number. After all, this figure is really useful for investors who try to evaluate the value of the company using DCF.

I appreciate any help, thanks in advance!

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