How is maintenance cheaper on a Corolla vs Mercedes?

For those who have experience owning these cars, or mechanics who work on them, how much would an oil change on a Corolla be vs a Mercedes or BMW? 

What's the price difference for tires, brakes, spark plugs, and all other basic maintenance?

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    1 month ago

    Comparing like for like, a Corolla and the lower end of the A series, you would expect similar maintenance costs  ( the A118d shares a 1.5 diesel with a Dacia Sandero)but you’ll

    probably get charged a lot more for the Mercedes, part of the price you pay for snobbery.

    Obviously further up the range, Mercedes get more and more luxurious and high performance and so you would expect high maintenance prices.

  • 1 month ago

    The Corolla is going to tend to be cheaper to maintain - but it mostly depends on where you take it.

    Dealerships are always the most expensive, specialty shops (for the European models) are expensive too, but just about anyone can work on a Corolla.

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    1 month ago

    Sounds like you shouldn't be owning a car.

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    I purchased a 230e for $1000 on Ebay with Problems spent another 1000 to fix problem

    Scrapped her 10 years later Because of Rust that works out $200

    a Year depreciation + Tyres

    Oil Filter Mercedes 230 e HU 718 $5,54 each

    My VW Bora V5 2002 $9.80

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    1 month ago

    expect everything to cost 2-3x as much, and for things to break more frequently. just google "mercedes oil filter" and most of them are 10-15 dollars. if you google "corolla oil filter" most of them are like 4 dollars. tires on mercedes are wider, and usually lower profile, and thus more expensive. brakes are about 2-3x the cost. spark plugs are probably 2x the cost. Lets the say the power steering rack goes out on your 2005 mercedes. That's a 400 dollar part, on a corolla it's like 130. Insurance is more expensive on mercedes and BMW. Auto repair places will usually jack up their prices. You have to be either dumb, overly obsessed with image, or a millionaire to get a mercedes. There are far more practical, reliable, cheaper to own options. The corolla, camry, new hyundai accent and honda civic or accord being some of them.

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