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My cat is sick (pic)?

It started over a month ago. There was some pink discoloration around the bottom of her eye and a small scab on her nose. We got her eye drops (BNPW/ Dex Opthalmic solution) for pink eye. No improvement.

We went back when she got worse. Got her some oral antibiotics, a different eyedrop (genamicin), Viralys, and steroids (prednisolne). A swab test told us that she was infected with a bacteria called Staphylococcus Felis. But the antibiotics should have helped, and she's getting worse.

Her nose continuously scabs up and falls apart. She kept pulling the scabs off, so we had to get her an inflatable collar. The vet described her nose as "necrotizing."

Around 2 weeks ago, we went back to the vet because he thought it could be toxoplasmosis. We got her Clindamycin to treat it. No improvement. Her nose kept getting worse, and she has compounding breathing issues. Her nose is stuffed up to the point of getting snot bubbles when she breathes, and her mouth hangs open as she sleeps.

last week, we took her back and got more medicine. Doxycycline, Onsior for pain relief, and Entederm for her nose (which hurts to put on, i think, because she cries when i do it). She had a temp of 104.8.

She's got blood drawn and is getting tested for respiratory illnesses, and is also getting a fecal exam for any possible parasites. We get answers on Monday. If it's inconclusive, we go to biopsy next. If anyone has an idea of what might be plaguing her, we would be grateful. Vet is also stumped


She still has an appetite and still has frequent bowel movements. Lately, feces, have been very loose, and she wont use the box. And I know it's weird to ask a question when I should have answers soon (and my dad knows a specialist a few states away I'm going to try contacting as well) but I've been beside myself with worry for the past 3 weeks as she declines. I feel like I have to do something - anything - to find an answer. I worry I'll wake up one morning and she'll be dead.

Update 2:

UPDATE: A PCR panel test came back for feline herpes virus. my vet had never seen one so aggressive. she gets anti-viral this afternoon, and we're hoping to see an improvement. she'll have another test done to see if there are any secondary infections as well

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  • Bring her to a vet....NOW!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Could you please do a favr to your cat and take him to a vet?  he is very sick...please!!!!  do this ASAP...

  • 1 month ago

    Goddamn. “Necrotizing”? Sounds like your cat caught a severe infection. I’m not a vet so I can’t say for sure what it is, but necrosis is usually a sign of a serious invasive infection. “Necrotizing Fasciitis” is worth looking into. 

    Btw if it’s Staphylococcus the antibiotics could work slowly but surely. Your cat might be in the later stages of infection. 

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