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how do i copy video files to a blank dvd?

i have an old cartoon series from the early 80s on my computer, they are mp4 video files, the series is named 'dogtanian and the 3 muskehounds' - i wish to copy the 26 video files  that are about 26 minutes in length for each video, to a blank dvd......i have a windows 7 desktop computer.

how do i perform this job?  - i'm just a computer beginner.


thanks wayne.

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    Insert a blank optical disk into the drive.  Let the PC cycle.  If you're asked if you want to burn a file, click yes and choose the file.  If you're not asked if you want to burn a file, locate the file you want to burn.  Right click it and choose Send To -- DVD drive.  Make sure the total data size is not larger than what the DVD will hold.  A DVD will hold about 4.7 Gig of data.  Your 26 files will likely exceed this.  Break them into groups that will fit onto one DVD.  Be sure to finalize the disk if asked.

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