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How long could a 2008 Chevy Impala last with 309,000 miles on it that has been maintained to perfection?

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    A taxi is expected to last about 500000 miles, so keep driving it as long as it lasts. That being said, cab owners expect to replace entire engines and trannies to keep a car on the road. 

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    2 weeks ago

    If it has 300,000 on it, its been maintained. Keep the maintenance records & at the time recommended & you'll get another 100,000.

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    You are VERY LUCKY because most CHEVY mass produced cars get LOTS of issues by 200,000 miles! Teh TIE ROD ends, the BALL joints, the COMPUTER< the WHEEL BEARINGS> etc! use only PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM 0W-30 in there and NO VALVOLILNE EVER! The PENNZOIL will give you a warranty to 500,000 on the ENGINE! IT is made from NATURAL GAS and NOT crude oil or ASH ( like VALVOLINE) or TAR (like VALVOLINE) IT CLEANS as you drive and prevents issues with the converter and the O2 sensors! Do use AC DELCO PLUGS in it either! They fail in plug testing! Use DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM LASERPLUGS! You will be AMAZED At how much MORE POWER and MILEAGE is hiding in there! I think most CHEVIES now use NGK plugs anyways! Change the PENNZOIL once every six months to one years! LEARN to reread your dipstick! If the oil looks THICK or DARK BROWN< it has done it's job of CLEANING the older baked in SLUDGE< TAR< and ZAXC and VARNISH left by other inferior oils!.  I think the ENGIEN in your IMPALA may have been designed by OPEL of Germany! That's GREAT! Most domestic cars now use ZF GERMAN trannies anyways, if they have SHIFT PADDLES, they are either ZF or AISIN WARNER tyrannies from EUROPE! The more EUROPEAN PARTS in the car, the LONGER it will last! It took GM and CHEVY twenty years to figure this out! FORD has always used GETRAG manual trannies, And NOW they use only ZF TRW Steering and trannies. just like BMW and AUDI do! Since this IS most likely a GERMAN engine, it has OIL SRPAY JETS In it that focus clean synthetic OIL at the piston wrist pins and the piston skirts! IN THEORY< if you use PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM and NOT Valvoline and other WAX BASED OILS< the engine can last till the next century! The TRANS needs FLUID CHANGING and FITLER changing as well! CHANGE your FUEL FILTER and CABIN AIR FILER!. Install a set of DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM LASER PLUGS! GM probably used NGK ones, but DENSO is better! And the IRIDIUM LASER PLUG wil keep your CONVERTER and O2 sensor CLEANA and working LONGESST!. IT will ear you extra mileage and keep the SENSORS clean as well! VALVOLIME is just JUNK OIL! No Factory on EARTH will use it It rots RUBBER PARTS and eats ups INTAKE HOSES and SNMORKELS! and makes SLUDGE bake into every moving part! MOST ENGINES in the junk yards got there using VALVOLINE< an ASH BASED< wax refined oil that is JUST not good with HIGH HEAT< and  in daily driving AT ALL! I have LEARNED this through trial and error! PENNZOIL is made from NATURAL GAS< and NOT CRUDE OIL! It is BEST for you car, the PLANET< and the AIR as well as to keep the converter CLEAN inside! . You are VERY LUCKY! GOOD LUCK and write again at 600,000 miles~ MERCEDEAS has a MILLION MILEA CLUB and so does VOLVO! They are THAT confident in their product, AND their suppliers! I have cars out there with 46.000! NONE are GM cars>>>al are FORDS or European ASAIN cars! GM can't get anything RIGHT the first time! Event eh CADDY engines dump the timing chains at 100,000 miles! GOOD LUCK AGAIN! Be SURE to use TOTYOA coolant which is REALLY PENTOSIN from GERMANY! IT is BEST for your engine gaskets, and MORE< like WATER PUMP< etc! GOOD LUCK

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    1 month ago

    It has already lasted more than would be expected. 

    If the car body is in good condition, you can keep it going. 

    Normal moving parts can be serviced.  Brakes, starter, alternator, water pump, etc. 

    A big repair could be transmission or engine. 

    Just keep changing the oil and filter regularly. 

    If you get a coolant overheat warning light or high temperature gauge reading, pull off the road immediately and shut the engine off.  If you can't find and fix the problem, have it towed.  Don't keep driving because you are only a few miles from home. 

    A water pump or radiator or hose could fail and cause coolant leakage and overheating.  If it's a simple repair you can have minimal problems if you react immediately. 

    It's when a confused driver tries to keep going that a serious overheat can quickly cause expensive engine damage, like a warped aluminum cylinder head (or worse).  Then it's not worth repairing the car.

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  • 1 month ago

    One mile, or thousands...

    No way of knowing.

  • 1 month ago

    its on borrowed time

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Answer? We can't guess. It's like playing Russian roulette.

    Being driven twice the average miles per year means twice the average wear.

    Not knowing how the owner treated it while driving is a big question mark..

    Even with good maintenance that's in excess of the expeced life span.

  • 1 month ago

    You want me to believe that a 12 year old car with 309,000 miles on it was maintained to "perfection"?  BS.

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    1 month ago

    It might last, it might not. Just be prepared to be fixing something every other week. If it’s more than $500, it’s not worth even considering it. 

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    Being maintained to perfection up to now is good, but for the future, it will last as long as you maintain it.  For ever, you you can get parts.  That means replacing the engine and transmission when necessary.  

         Most people with a 12-13 year old car will say that it could be fixed, but they will not do so "...Because it just is not worth it."   That may be true.  At 309,000 miles the engine and transmission could have cratered 100,000 miles ago. And they might last another 100,000 miles without a problem.  Or a gravel truck may T-bone it next week and we will never know.  

        If the price is right,  I would certainly give it a try.  

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