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If nobody likes Trump, how come nobody beat him for the Republican nomination twice?

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    Who ran against him this year again? I WISH someone would have had the balls to stand against him and the party and actually run against him. However even if someone had he was still the President and most would have voted for him in the primary anyway because of that. So it's really no one beat him in the crowded field in 2016. Also no one likes him is hyperbole. It's more like the vast majority don't like his personality. That's why his approval ratings are so low. People are more supportive of his policies if it wasn't him attached to them.

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    Maybe someone who didn't like him voted for him anyway.

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    Well no one else ran the second time.

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    The narrative 'nobody likes Trump' is utterly false. He won in the 2016 primaries because he came off as the outsider businessman promising jobs for the forgotten people of America. He won again in 2020, mostly unopposed, because of the love and support that he has garnered from his base. 

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    It isn't that nobody likes Trump. He fooled people in 2016 telling them the lies they wanted to hear and running as an "outsider", but after inauguration, has done everything poorly.

    This nomination, conventions were cancelled. He was basically handed the nomination unopposed.

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