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Ryan asked in SportsFootballScottish Football · 1 month ago

Do Celtic even want to win 10 in a row?

I get it a lot of players are unavailable but they've dominated Scottish football for the last 9 years they sign a decent number of players every year there should be more strength in depth than this. In fact the players they have to choose from aren't even bad so what's going on? Players just don't want to win the 10 in a row? Okay Rangers are a good side as are Aberdeen by Scottish football standards but there was no fight vs Rangers and the defending was awful vs Aberdeen. You can't start making the excuses of X amount of players being unavailable. The biggest loss is Edouard and Celtic scored 3 without him today. Duffy is in my opinion an EPL mid table centre back wtf has he been doing the last week did his brain fall out 

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    1 month ago
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    Its early doors , we havent started yet ,Celtic engine is spluttering ,need to rev the ar-se  off it to clear injectors , give a team a hiding then off well go and breeze past the Hun as usual

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