What’s going on with my mothers nails?


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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    My nails looked a lot like that maybe three or four years ago, and two of them really hurt, so I went to the doctor.

    Detachment from the nail bed gets more common after age 50. See the vertical ridge up the center of her ring and middle fingers? That's aging, too. The curve of the nail becomes a sharper angle at each ridge, and detachment often starts at a ridge. (So does breaking nails, if that's also a problem for her.) Nail detachment is also far more likely to happen if the hands are often wet.

    So the fix is two-fold.

    One, keep the nails trimmed very short, with as little as possible extending beyond where they're attached to the nail bed. This minimizes the detachment from striking things like keyboards (that was me), piano keys, or whatever hard surfaces you hit repeatedly doing whatever you do. Buy a nail buffer to minimize ridges, but be gentle when you use it.

    Two, except when you're washing your hands or in the shower/bath, don't let your hands get wet. Keep rubber gloves at the kitchen sink and anywhere else they might get wet during routine cleaning or other activities. Keep a spare pair in the house because they will leak. I've got gloves stashed near every sink, I think.

    The doctor didn't mention this, but I saw further improvement when I used a "heavy" lotion (I like Curel) and worked it into my nails every time I washed my hands. I also stopped using nail polish for a while. When I started again, the remover dried the nails out so much it started detaching again. Now I wear it only for special occasions and take it off soon after.

    Tell your mom the shape of her hands and nails is really pretty and once they're all attached again, she'll have lovely hands.

  • 1 month ago

    Either a calcium & Vitamin D deficiency of a fungal infection. Has Mom banged her hand or got her fingers trapped in anything recently?

  • Entity
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    It looks like a Vitamin Deficiency of some sort.  You need to see a Doctor

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