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Why do many or most people hate about going to work? what is it that they most hate about their jobs/work? why?

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    1.  It’s the long commute. I drive about 25 miles to work and if it’s a really bad day, it can take up to 2 hours. One time it took 3 hours what was supposed to take 45 minutes because there was an emergency repair at a point where there’s a clover leaf meets several hospitals. 

    2.  Having to work for a boss that you don’t like, much less him telling you what to do. 

    3.  Coworkers that you don’t like. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Almost always, their coworkers and boss.

    All the problems from high school associated in the recess, classmates, lunchroom, after school (racism, bullying, popularity, status) is also found in the workplace as well.

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    Sometimes the boss sucks and the job is boring.

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    1 month ago

    I enjoy going to work and enjoying my job I work in the HVAC industry. During the height of the pandemic I continue to work because I'm considered essential. It seems people need their air conditioning working regardless of any pandemic. All my friends that have college degrees lost their jobs if they weren't able to telecommute.

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    They either failed to pursue their passion, never achieved a sufficient level of education or settled for a job they resent.  LOL

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    I think what most hate or dread is the people they have to kiss up to or act fake with or compete with each and every day for their jobs

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