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(SHOWER THOUGHTS) Why do people have to work if there is a money making machine?

I understand some have to work to keep the lights on etc but I'm talking about the average working person. If that is too much then why do we have to pay taxes and stuff? 

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    Almost always, their coworkers and boss.

    All the problems from high school associated in the recess, classmates, lunchroom, after school (racism, bullying, popularity, status) is also found in the workplace as well.

    Thats why people work, a lot of it is indeed punctuality and busywork.

    Of course there are jobs with more skill involved. But theres also a lot of racism involved.

    Money back then was a medium of exchange. However before the invention of paper money a lot of what was currency was either bartering (bartering is exchanging goods) or sexual fetish objects as currency.

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    Because the more money you print the less value it has in terms of real goods and services. Constantly printing money causes hyperinflation.

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    I had a cousin who was a printer and had a money making machine in his basement. He made his own $10s and $20s. When the authorities found out about it he became a guest of the federal government for about 10 years.

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    The government does print money, but much of it is to replace worn-out bills.  If the government simply printed and added more and more money to the money supply, then each person's money would decrease in value, and everything would get more expensive.  Imagine a can of soda costing $100.

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    Creating money is assumed(!) to cause inflation. If it doesn't reach the people who would spend it is doesn't though

    Lots of types of work cannot be done by machines

    and without money/profits, there would not be billionnaires

  • Because the average person doesn't have access to that money-making machine.

    The government hates competition 

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    People got to eat Calvin Coolidge

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