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why doesn't anybody try to show me why the earth is NOT flat ?

forget about trying to prove the insanely impossible thing, which is that the earth is some type of oblate sphere.

instead, prove to me the earth is NOT flat.

can you do this without talking nonsense and without using big words that mean nothing to the average person ?

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    I can do no better than cite Aristotle's three valid proofs:  1) during a lunar eclipse the shadow of Earth always has a curved edge.  Only a sphere can always cast a shadow with a curved edge.  2) when traveling north Polaris rises higher in the sky; when traveling south Polaris sinks lower.  3) as ships sail away in addition to shrinking in the distance hulls vanish before masts.  Sorry if several

     of these words have 2 syllables meaning big words of no meaning.

    I might add that Eratosthenes measurement of Earth's size a century after Aristotle is also proof.

  • Robert
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    Because you have already made up your mind. You're not here to learn anything, only to propagate a really really STUPID idea. It's impossible to disprove a negative.  Can you prove for me that there is no one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eater?  No. Of course you can't. Because even if you search for a lifetime, you still can't search EVERYWHERE. There is always somewhere you have not been and it might be there.

  • Anonymous
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    Every morning, spherical Earth plus rotation East to West causes the sun to be higher on East Coast (and come up earlier on the East Coast) than on the West Coast.  Then every afternoon, the sun is higher on the West Coast than on the East Coast.

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    Watch a boat as it first appears over the horizon.  What appears first?  The bottom of the boat?  The top of the mast?  Helpful hint:  Buy a dictionary and ask a friend to show you how to use it.

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    Read up on the Foucault pendulum.  It's pretty simple.  A pendulum on a flat non-rotating plate, would swing in a plane that is fixed in one direction relative to everything around it.  If you started it swinging, had the pendulum bob leave a slight mark on the floor as it swung, and came back an hour later, there would be only that make on the floor.

    If the plate were rotating, the plane of the pendulum would appear fixed to a distant observer, like someone on the North star, but after an hour you would see multiple marks as the floor is rotating under the pendulum.  On a flat plane, the angular speed at every point on the plate is the same so no matter where you do this experiment on the plate, you'll see the plane of the pendulum rotate at the same rate.

    If you do the same experiment on a sphere, the rate of rotation of the plane depends on the latitude you are at when you do the experiement.  The higher the latitude, the slower the rate of rotation.  Since you want small word (sorry about pendulum), I assume doing the physics and math is out of the question.  But the bottom line is, Foucault pendulums have been around for a centruy or more and their behavior can only be explained by being on the surface of a rotating sphere.

    The oblate part has more to do with the mechanics of the material the earth is composed of responding to the force due to rotation.

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    You need to find a way of demonstrating it either way for yourself without asking anyone else, because otherwise you have to trust what others say.  Nonetheless, here are a couple of things you can check:

    1. It's impossible to map a spheroid onto a flat surface without distorting distances.  Therefore, look at the Australian and Canadian long-distance train timetables.  These have to be reliable or passengers would be aware of the discrepancy.  They show that it takes much less time to cross Australia than it does to cross Canada, but with the usual flat earth map Canada is much smaller than Australia.  If you don't trust me on that one, find another example.

    2. Look at traffic cams all over the world.  You will find that some of them are in daylight, some in night, and that they form two circles, either of dark or light, which meet at all points along their circumference.  This is impossible on a flat surface.  Nor can they be fake, as they wouldn't correspond with the experience of motorists in the areas concerned.

    3. Think of something similar for yourself which nobody has ever thought of before as far as you know which would test it either way.

  • D g
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    3 months ago

    Because you can't prove anything to an idiot

  • ANDY
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    3 months ago

    There are numerous ways to know that the Earth is not flat but spherical. The best I know and to put simply is this: Take a plane and fly from east to west. You'll be back where you started from. Now take a plane and fly from the north pole to the south pole and keep flying, you'll wind up where you started at the north pole.

    Now you tell me if this is not a nice and easy method to convince people who think the earth is flat that it is not.

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    I doubt I could prove anything to you. I do wonder if you can explain how GPS works in your universe. that stands for flat earth positioning system for you, I guess.

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    The bit I'm standing on seems kinda flat.

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