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Amazon returns question?

I just registered an account with amazon and made purchases for various prices for stuff sold by Amazon instead of sellers. Upon a few returns, I did not get an automatic refund once the return was dropped at UPS. I am a little confused about why I didn't get a faster refund because my sister has been using Amazon forever now and for all her returns, once she drops her stuff at UPS to be returned, Amazon issues her an automatic refund. Is everyone else getting auto refunds unlike me? I would prefer to get my refund fast just like my sister so I wanted to know why I am not being generated the auto refund and instead have to wait until the stuff gets back to their warehouse? Is there a way for me to change my new account to how it is with my sis? Thanks.

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    It might be because you have a new account.  You may just have to wait until it is an older account like she has.

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    No.  some items i get automatic and some I have to wait until it's returned and processed at the warehouse.  I would guess that's it's the items your sister orders.

    i usually do my returns direct at an Amazon Hub or at Kohls.

    If you want items to be refunded to your amazon balance instead of your credit card, it's only supposed to take a couple of hours. 

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