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Men: Does vaginal sex stimulate the penis head?

Or does it only stimulate the shaft?

Also, if you know, how does a vagina compare to a fleshlight with lube?

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  • Roddy
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    1 month ago
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    The most sexually sensitive part of the entire penis is the glans (head) and especially its rim.

    During intercourse, you and she gate maximum stimulation (and thus pleasure) if the glans rim can remain in contact with the vaginal wall throughout - ie without foreskin moving back onto the glans and masking the stimulation.

  • Jesus
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    1 month ago

    Of course, of not being this way then the men it would not be necessary them to have sex with penetration, since the penis enters, it is in the head where more he feels the friction, clear if the man has foreskin and he always has it cover, I believe that it won't feel a good close contact. In the sex with penetration to have the well developed penis has their advantage (I know it for experience) I have the thick, circumcised penis and my glans is voluminous with mushroom form, and when entering in the vagina I feel as her it wraps it, it rubs it and that gives me a great pleasure. Like I have the big head, the stimulation of the axis is not so important for me, and when the woman has the big vagina I also feel a good friction. In my opinion, the Flexlight gives pleasure, but I like more a real vagina because I feel it better, it is also more comfortable, I put my glans inside her, the woman moves and that is enough, the masturbation is an option to have sex, but it doesn't substitute it.        

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    a fleshlight is comparable for feeling.....likely better as its always ready, not costly like a female and doesnt get fat

  • Andy C
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    1 month ago

    Well, you don't just insert once and sit there,  hoping her keigels exercises will bring you to heaven.   A little motion of the ocean is necessary. 

    So yes, the head. 

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  • Both...........

  • 1 month ago

    The shaft isn't stimulated at all, just the head and just the underside of it. The penis is an extended clitoris because every embryo is female at first, hence why men have nipples. So just like women, men only have a small spot too.

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