Greatest Drummers List ??

I am at a complete loss and just do not understand how every "top" or "greatest" drummers list you come across never lists Ronnie Tutt, Doug Clifford, or John Panozzo. Just to name a few. Not to take away from the talented drummers but how can anyone believe, for example, that Meg White is a better drummer than any of those three? What do they base these list off of? If you listen to music with the passion for the drums as I do how can these few not be mentioned? Ronnie Tutt is simply a drum legend period. He could play with any top drummer as far as talent. With the exception of Buddy Rich (he's just too fast and plays jazz) Just watch and listen to the Vegas days with Elvis on tracks like suspicious minds well almost everything he did with Elvis was epic. And what Doug Clifford did with CCR made it all work. You could listen to any CCR track and tell how amazing he was. Sweet Hitchhiker, Travelin' Band, Heard it Through the Grapevine (extended) I could go on & on. And lastly John Panozzo. Really? this is easy just go listen to Come Sail Away period. Please tell me how these list are created?

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  • 1 month ago

    Poor Mickey Dolenz,  never gets a mention. 

  • The only list you'll ever agree with is that one that you make yourself and even that will change over time.  My list of drummers would probably make you spit but they are ones that I enjoy most.

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    1 month ago

    Obviously starts with Ringo. NOT!

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