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I told him I loved and lost him and his friendship. Do you think I did something wrong?

I was just honest to talk about how I feel and that was all.

He just does not know that the others will love him but wont say as a STRATEGY not to scare him, others will cheat him and smile at his face, others will say you are so hot to him but mock about his c*ock and s*ex drive with their woman friends behind his back, criticise his character and everything else about him etc.


I am 27 and he is 42. I think she is trying to protect me. He is my boss.

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    Being honest about how you feel is never wrong, regardless of how the recipient responds. You didn't actually lose his friendship, hon, because you never really had it. Besides, you want to be more than friends and he can't do it. You're disappointed because you think you are more sincere with him than others, but that's your perception and you can't force him to see it or care about it the way you do.

    Move on. This is way too idealized a relationship, and it's one-way, not reciprocal. 

    Best of luck.

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