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What is wrong or right about this ?

Cinema goers are allowed to watch films but football fans in a 60,000 seater capacity can't. Something isn't right here !

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  • Adam
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    3 months ago
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    It's not right but football fans ain't helping ourselves here. The fact the scottish government had to put out a warning to Rangers and Celtic fans heading to Blackpool to watch a game in a pub is one of countless examples of football fans showing they cannot abide by the rules. Hashtag United's FA Cup game was another example. As football fans we need to take every excuse the government has away from them and instead as shown by those games that are allowed fans, we are giving them new reasons to keep fans away.

    You don't see people who attend theatres jumping all over each other, you do in pubs where football is shown or at games where fans are allowed.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    less people go to watch movies at a cinema complex.

    you can manage the number of people more easily who arrive at the cinema complex and allocate them right seating while maintaining social distancing.

    now when it comes to football fans, we're talking  thousands of people arriving , not necsesarily all at once but more or less around the same time frame, inside that window of arrival it becomes impossible to monitor and enforce social distancing prior to them walking into the stadium and finding seating.

    it COULD be done however, what the FA should ahve considered was reduced ticket allocation so that some fans could still go but also clubs could generate at least 20% or 30% revenue from ticket sales.

    So take for example Old Trafford, over 76K seating capacity.

    On a good day almost all seats are taken.

    on an average day I'd say maybe 60-65k i dunno.

    with covid19,  if we applied the 'reduced fans atteding' rule then you could allow maybe 15% to show up only, and allocating seating for no more than 2 side by side, only if they're family.

    there woul dbe enough space between fans in the stadium but the atmosphere would be still poor as almost 2/3 of the stadium would be empty.

    I think its a big headache to organise, manage and control this sort of thing and the last thing football clubs need or want is a lawsuit filed on them.

    imagine a fan getting ill and getting covid cos of this rule,  and familiy members trying to get compensation from the club they support lol

    Also I notice monny is below me,  he must be REALLY tired of seeing us 1st/2nd in the league lol

    at least we're not 15th or something haha

  • Monny
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    3 months ago

    Adam's summed up the differing mentalities of Cinema goers and football fans but I reckon money is also a factor August. Wealthy clubs can survive but cinemas can't without customers.

  • Stilty
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    3 months ago

    Fook the government and their  silly restrictions over catching a glorified cold. 

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  • snafu
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    3 months ago

    Does seem to be an anomaly.  I’m pretty sure something sensible can be worked out.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Are you a mongoloid or do you pretend to be a mongoloid ?

    You are not a football fan and never been near a 60 seater capacity, let alone a 60,000 seater capacity ! 

    No-life smelly scrounger. 

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