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Why is it the new thing for kids to say online that their school got shot up? When it clearly didn’t happen. Just why do they lie?

So yesterday I was in an online chat room and some guy comes in saying that his school got shot up even though their are no reports of schools getting shot up. Why do kids feel the need to make up lies like these? It is a messed up way to get likes and followers. Why are kids so desensitized these days? It’s like each generation keeps getting more and more desensitized.

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    That's one kid, not a whole raft of them.  You're complaining about one boy doing this, but YOU are obviously exaggerating yourself.

    I hadn't heard that this was some "new thing," but given the pandemic, any such claims obviously should be taken with a grain of salt -- or a pound of it. Everyone knows that, so if someone IS making such a claim, it's not a matter of "desensitization," it's more more likely to be sheer stupidity: the kid thinks he's just being funny, because he knows that most people will be aware that his school probably isn't even open now.

    In fact, school shootings are down for that very reason.

    Teenagers are often pretty clueless about whether something's funny or not. That's always been the case.

  • 4 weeks ago

    because trump has made it ok to lie

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