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Do you think that your country (whatever it is) has always behaved good in its history& has always been on the good side(=the good guys)? ?

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    I live in Canada, and while it is a great country, it isn't perfect.  Our treatment of natives has not always been stellar for example.  However, by and large, we are a pretty good country.

  • Marli
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    No. My country was and is not perfect, but most of us don't give up doing good when we realize we had done wrong. We attempt to correct that wrong; we don't keep doing it.  Eventually we get that through to the leaders of our governments, or we vote them out and get leaders who are more inclined to lead aright.

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    No, no country has always behaved well throughout history.

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    False country USA has ideals and they are best hope of the world. It has not always lived up to them

    but that is analogous to the lives of most people and people make up a society and a country. It is the ideals you fall from that define you and not the falling itself. To fail at a noble task beats succeeding at a perverted one

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    I don't think any country in the World can make that claim.

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