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Should I donate to people who reject me ?

I received a phone call from Doctors Without Borders asking for a small donation. This would go for African countries at civil wars. I'm 28 and consider myself a philanthropist but I'm gay and I thought "Why should I help people who not only reject me but also persecute me?". Isn't it kind of a dilemma?. 

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    This is an excellent question. 

    Consider the example of Jesus.  He healed the servant of a centurion of the occupying Roman army.  He spoke to a Samaritan woman of questionable reputation--and Jews and Samaritans despised each other.  He forgave his crucifiers as they were crucifying him.  He said, "Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you." 

    Also, you don't know if the people whom Doctors with Borders helps hate gays or not, just as paramedics don't know the politics of their patients.

    Then again, I'd be highly suspicious if the KKK wanted to set up a hospital in a Black neighborhood. 

    This is up to you, of course.  No human being is perfect, nor is any human organization.  For yourself, weigh the good that they do helping patients against the dubious opinions that they may have.  Pray to God about it. 

    I have a similar situation.  I loathe the politics of Franklin Graham, yet I love to contribute to Samaritan's Purse's Operation Christmas Child, and I'm grateful that they came to my city, NYC, and set up a field hospital in Central Park during the pandemic.  

    (Gee, did I just joke about the KKK setting up a hospital in a Black neighborhood?!  😲 😊 😉 ) 

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    You can donate to me and I'll be your friend for life.

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    I don't donate to anyone over the phone. 

    If I call you and you donate $100., how much goes to the charity? Well I've got expenses. A computer, rent, phone and office supplies that are all things in my household expenses.

    If the said charity receives 15%, that's 15% more than if no one fleeced you. So they're good.

    If there is something you believe in, then make that contribution direct to them. If they don't support your lifestyle but doing something you believe in, then that's on you. Be true to yourself.

    Finally, thanks for sharing your goods. I've been on the receiving end and am now on the giving end. 

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    I know nothing nothing 

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    Donating is a choice only You can make. I donated my time, as a cook, twice per week for 5 Years to a soup kitchen, and mostly to people that really didn't appreciate it, they just figured they had a way to Beat the System. 

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    I don't have anything against that particular organization, and don't know why you feel they persecute you or reject you. I believe that some of the doctors and nurses are likely to be gay. 

    But I do believe it's foolish to donate to solicitors, even if it's an organization I like to support. They may only be getting a dime on the dollar. 

    You should only donate to causes whose work you support, and do so directly. 

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    Donate to organizations that help people in your own area.

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    I choose my charities according to my research and the reputation of the organisation. I never give to solicitations by post, online or mail.

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