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How to meet an introvert when you're an introvert?

As an introvert and female, I have dated extroverts and decided we aren't compatible. I like being introverted in that i like being reserved, quiet and a homebody who doesn't enjoy going out or crowded places. I find that lifestyle more peaceful and comfortable. If I was with someone more like me I think it could be my best relationship yet but how would I meet him if he's an introvert? 

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    I met my husband through an online dating service. This was 20+ years ago and there weren't "dating apps" back then, just sites you used from your PC. I suggest you avoid the free and/or anonymous apps and services as they tend to attract people interested in quick casual sexual encounters, people interested in entertaining themselves rather than in meeting someone. 

    "Getting to know" someone you've never met in person is generally a waste of time. If you like a profile, extend and invitation to meet PROMPTLY for something quick and cheap like a coffee. If the guy wants to play pen pal, phone pal, chat pal instead of actually MEET, politely decline. "No thanks, I don't invest my time into someone unless we've met face to face and like each other. Please let me know if you change your mind and want to meet for coffee." 

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