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Who would win in a fight between Spider-Man and Samurai Jack?

I know Jack's not got any powers, but keep in mind that he beat quite a few superpowered characters.


Jack doesn't actually have any powers, his abilities come from training all his life, like Batman. He does survive some things no Human would realistically survive, but that's from his show working on stylised cartoon logic than anything. Eternal Youth is more a curse than a power in the show, though I guess it does mean he has a lot more experience with his body staying in peak condition.

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    3 months ago
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    I remember he had some super powers. So I went back and re-looked it up. He has Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Endurance, Superhuman Speed, and Eternal Youth.

    Given that, I actually don't know since I've never watched Samurai Jack. Unless Jack is faster than Spiderman, Jack won't be able to beat Spiderman and his Spidy Sense.

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