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Why do people keep calling animals 'intelligent' when they're clearly nowhere near our level?

Apes and Dolphins are apparently intelligent because they can recognise themselves in the mirror, are they? Apes can sometimes recognise sign language? Great! Maybe when they can go to the Moon I'll be impressed.

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    If we do not exist, animal intelligence still exists. We may be the most intelligent animal that ever existed but that does not mean that we are the only intelligent animal around. 

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    Have you seen how those raccoons take stuff out of people's coolers or how bears open up trash cans to get to the leftovers? that takes some mad skill and some intelligence to do that. Hope this helps with your question   

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    3 months ago

    I have a measured IQ of 172. Do you want me to call you intelligent, even though you are dumb as a post ?

  • Zirp
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    3 months ago

    My personal criterion is that if an animal doesn't reproduce in captivity, it's smart enough to be considered intelligent

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    3 months ago

    That depends on what you mean by intelligence. 

    Elephants can remember places and locations far better than any human, this is a form of intelligence. 

    Dolphin frontal lobe is far more developed than ours, they are much more emotionally intelligent than humans. 


    Crows and some other birds, have a more advanced brain than ours in certain aspect like color reception, information processing, etc. 


    We humans are good at solving problems and teaching our young what we learned, thus over time we have computers! 


    But there are many different ways to calculating intelligence. 

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    Unless you are currently employed as a PhD-level scientist at NASA, you have no right to take pride in the moon landing.

    Intelligence isn't an either/or, yes/no thing. It's a continuum. Some of us are interested in actually understanding the world as it is.

    And once again, we have brave brave racists making their brave brave racist stereotype comments while hiding like a coward behind an Anonymous badge.

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    3 months ago

    Because Koko the gorilla is more intelligent than a lot of people.

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  • 3 months ago

    Intelligence and self-awareness are fact.

    Some types of crows / ravens are arguably the next most intelligent species on earth next to us; they can be as intelligent as a six year old child, within their physical limits.

    We just happened to have been the first to develop a complex enough language to pass on abstract concepts to our children, rather that every individual having to learn everything from the start.

    That and that alone is why we are able to discuss or argue over such things!

    No one is claiming other species are more intelligent than humans - just that we are not the only self-aware species on the planet.

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