Why is Castiel so weak now in Supernatural.?

Castiel once went into hell and single-handedly massacred hundreds of demons to get to Dean and bring him back. He used to be able to touch someone on the forehead and instantly heal any wound.

Now it looks like he struggles to heal small wounds by shining a light on them with a shaky hand. He also gets his *** beat like every episode by low-level monsters. He also lost a fistfight with a woman of letters, though she did have anti angel knuckle dusters.

I know he lost a lot of power when he lost his wings, but I feel like even when he got his grace back, he was still far weaker than before.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago
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    I dunno. I've wondered the exact same thing. I thought I'd missed some episode or something that explained why, but after I rewatched the past couple seasons, I realized I didn't. It's a plot hole, probably resulting from an episode or scene that got cut and left on the editing room floor.

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