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Why do you believe that Jesus rose on the 3rd day?

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    Because of the prophecies about it before hand, and the eye-witness accounts afterwards. 

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    I do not accept belief that there was ever a man named Jesus Christ.  Ernest S, if you read the NY carefully and notice what is taking place, you also might at some point notice that there are more than one Jesus in that story. Then consider why that story was ever written, and who really was the real person on the beach eating fish and bread for breakfast with several apostles.  Paul, which witnesses, and what evidence?  That story is pure fiction and made up by Romans using certain things from the OT books to fool the Sicarii. @Greatbrickhill, You really are very jealous of atheists who do not have to pray, go to a church,nor believe a book of complete made up nonsense.  After 3 days the sun rises again in late December.  That is where the NT 3-day story came from. It is about the sun, not the son.

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    No. I don't believe for one second in the supernatural claim of a resurrection, but it would have been more like a day and a half, not 3 days

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    There is an alternate theory that Jesus did not actually die on the cross, but appeared to be dead. Later he was resuscitated (resurrected?), and left the area of Palestine possibly for Kashmir where he was supposedly living from his teen and young adult years.  It is an intriguing idea and I do know Muslims believe he didn't die on the cross, but their explanations seem odd to me (like the old switcher-roo with someone who looked like him while Jesus made his getaway). 

    After his crucifixion, he reportedly returned to teach in Kashmir and even met with the Apostle Thomas, who did go to India (there are Thomasine Christians in southern India to this day). I don't know if I am ready to buy this explanation, but I would like for some scholarly, credible researcher to dive into this and either confirm it, rule it out, or admit after all that digging, "I just don't know". Lack of good information becomes fuel for all sorts of conspiracy theories. 

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    If it was necessary for the salvation of humanity that this happen, it happened.  If not, then no.  Gene expression has been shown to occur in organisms several days after their death and consequently it isn't inconceivable.  In days of yore, death was considered to occur when the heart and respiration stopped.  Later on it was realised that a person could be resuscitated after this point and this has been extended further with life support machines and new techniques.  Ultimately the possibility of revival could extend to days after death, and it doesn't mean it's impossible simply because we don't know how it happens.

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    God has said so and witnesses to it.

    By the way, none has ever been able to give a reasoned or reasonable denial of the Resurrection from the evidence. Because they cannot many simply dismiss wanting to refuse the obvious implications.

    Many have tried and some have converted as a result but none has ever been able to refute from the evidence.

    Are you one of those that cannot accept the challenge?

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    Unlikely, but not impossible.  First, we have mediocre evidence that he was even a real person and no quality evidence of what he did in his life.  Just stories from loyal cult members.

    Hypothetically, medical science of that time was poor and people were sometimes buried alive.  It's how most myths about the undead started.  MAYBE that might have happened.  But I have no reason to believe even that.

    But I do not believe he was dead and then rose through pixie magic, no.

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    Because of the historical record, including the eye witness accounts of several witnesses.

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    Because he did.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian
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