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Renting apartment question.?

I'm renting an apartment and my move in date is in December. The unit is currently not available to be viewed as the current tenant is still living in the unit. I was about to submit my application but I noticed that there is an application deposit of $250 an it is stated that it is non refundable. What happens if I view the apartment and the place is trashed and nothing inside the unit works? Am I obligated to receive my application deposit?


And I don't sign the lease due to poor upkeep.

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    Do not pay the Deposit until you see the place!

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    If you are not permitted to view the property, then you need to look for someplace else to live. That arrangement is as shady as can be. 


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    You should not pay anything until you have seen the deposit.

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    You can 100% view the property prior to signing anything; the owner can inform the tenant of a visit, and the tenant cannot prevent it. 

    Don't ever rent somewhere without seeing it first. 

    Once the deposit is down, consider it lost. 

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    Do not pay the Deposit until you see the place!

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    If you put down a deposit, it is gone forever.  But if the unit is trashed the landlord will still have to fix it up for the next prospective renter or it won't get rented.  So it wouldn't make sense to miss the opportunity to rent to you, someone willing to rent it right away rather than suffering any time with with an unoccupied unit.

    That being said, you should be given an opportunity to view the property regardless of it being occupied before paying the deposit.  If it isn't trashed now, it isn't likely to be trashed in December.  Paying the deposit serves to save the unit for you, but doesn't require you to rent the property until you sign a lease.  And that shouldn't occur until the day you move in.  Good Luck.

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    Ask the apartment complex if you can view the apartment (even occupied if you must) before putting down the application. Express your concern that there could be problems. However, if they are getting other people to sign and put down the deposit, then they probably will tell you to either sign it or they'll rent to someone less picky. So, your decision may be to sign it or walk. Note that most places are actually very good about repairs and upkeep and this probably won't be much of a problem if you do sign but there is always a chance.

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    Sounds like a scam to me.

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    That is a lame excuse - can't show it to you because a tenant is in it.  They can always show you the unit when a tenant is still in it.  That is what is usually done.  What this means is that they "don't want to" show you the unit.  I'd walk away.  Application fees are not refundable because the money is used to run background checks, check references, credit checks.  Deposits to hold an apartment are not refundable because they turned people away to hold it for you, or when it specifically says "not refundable", what is it that you don't understand about "NOT refundable"?  I wouldn't give them anything without seeing the place first and IF I wanted the place, then I would hand over app money.

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    i would ask them this question

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