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What's the best possible way to move to England from the US?

Is it better to study in America first or study in the UK and then find a job there through a sponsor?

I plan to get a bachelor's in psychology and I heard that social workers are always needed so I'm wondering if that's true as well?



Thanks all and for those who say social workers aren't on the list, they are. It's listed on the official gov UK website.

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    The best possible way is to get a US company to agree to sponsor you because they can't find a US citizen to fill their job opening.  Good luck with a degree in psychology.

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    Row east from Maine . . . .

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    Marry a British citizen.  Really. 

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    You would have to have a high level degree and several years of work experience in a field of work that is in short support in the UK....... in the field you have chosen and the level of education is not going to get you a sponsored work visa. ..... an American bachelor's in psychology will get you nothing and not give you any skills you would need to know about or sucessfully do a Social work job in the UK

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  • Jason
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    I would recommend studying in the UK, as the UK degree is more valued in the UK, and vice-versa.

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    A US degree is useless in the UK as it does not apply to our Social Work, your system is entirely different to the UK. Social workers are not on our shortage of skills list.

    You could study here but would have to find a sponsor and our Councils will not pay out money just to employ an American when they can employ British people with no cost.


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    See UK's shortage list of occupations to see what's currently needed & eligible for temporary employment visa, IF you qualify & IF you can get hired by an AUTHORIZED employer with a currently open position. Expect to compete with hundreds of applicants from around the world for any job which offers prospects of any temporary employment visa. All shortage occupations require advanced degrees & sufficient experience to have attained managerial/executive levels or exceptional technological experience & expertise. A US social worker degree (MSW) is useless in UK as social services are quite different. But then, a UK degree for foreign student is likewise useless since there are no Post-Study Work visas & you are required to return immediately to your country of citizenship upon graduation or termination of full-time studies. 

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