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Whats all this hype about AI im hearing? Cars have been driving in GTA San Andrea's wo causing injury for years ?

We are not far past calculator stage are we?

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  • 3 months ago

    Cars in GTA San Andreas have perfect knowledge of the relative positions and velocities of entities around them, and they usually drive on predefined paths. Even then, they manage to randomly crash planes and drive off cliffs.

    In real life, cars need to use cameras to guess what objects are and their position and velocity. Then they need to infer what kind of strategy they should employ to drive safely (e.g. a sign tells a car what to do, a person is an obstacle to avoid, lines on the road are guides to stay within). So overall, there's less knowledge available, and more uncertain considerations.

    Their failure rate needs to be many times lower than human drivers to prove their safety, and prevent reactive outrage from lawmakers, the media, and individuals.

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