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Bought a loaf of bread at Sainsbury’s today. Walked home and packed the shopping away. I made dinner which was avocado and hummus on the?

Bread toasted that I bought today. Later this night I went in the kitchen and I saw that the flimsy plastic packaging on the bread on the lower side had a small hole (rip). It was like smaller than finger tip size. Idk if I’m being paranoid but This worries me as I’ve eaten 2 slices and like idk if germs could have gotten on the bread from like inside the small rip or like someone handling the packaging could have transmitted germs onto it etc. Should I worry? The hole was like pretty small like smaller than the tip of your pinky finger but still germs could have got in and now I’m scared because of germs in general like sick bugs but also covid.. 

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    I'd be willing to bet you've just been exposed to the Hantavirus.

    I'd be running through the streets screaming like a banshee right now, if I were you.

  • Try asking for a refund, show them the tear you noticed in the packaging. In the future, inspect packaging more closely if it's torn or damaged don't buy it.

    Anything could have caused the tear. If you toasted it the food should be fine, covid doesn't survive in high cooking temps. 

    Also you should be washing any produce before you use it. If you're doing that and cooking your food properly, you should have very little risk of getting covid. 

    If you do experience any signs or symptoms of covid then see / call your doctor. 

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