Why has Trump been able to broker three Middle East peace deals* while former president Obama made no progress at all in this area?

* Sudan announced today

Note: We must also not forget that Mr. Obama was inept against ISIS and POTUS Trump eliminated them in a matter of a months

So, what made Barack so weak on foreign affairs?

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  • 1 month ago

    Obama/Biden no agreements

    Bush no agreements

    Clinton no agreements

    Papa Bush no agreements

    And you can go on and on.  Historical event occurring now and the News Media totally overlook it because it is President Trump.  The Middle East has been fighting brother against brother for thousands of years.  God told Abraham that this would be the case.  I wish I could say that peace will continue, but we only truly get peace when Christ Jesus returns, but for Israel any peace is good.  President Trump is to be highly esteemed for this accomplishment, but there have been so many.  Great President.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Obama never had a real job in his life. His background as "Community Organizer", and two mediocre years in Senate did not prepare him for the real word - outside the  echo chamber of Wash. DC. He was hesitant, fearful, unnerved and extremely weak-minded  - especially on foreign affairs as he was ill-suited for the difficult decisions and backbone necessary to be The President of The United States. His Iran Deal is a perfect example of a man who has no idea any all how to negotiate; he gave the Iranians EVERYTHING and would not leave the table until he got a deal - any deal. 

    Let's be honest shall we? Obama was a rank amateur 

  • 1 month ago

    (1) ISIL has NOT been eliminated. 

    And Russia has done more to help Syria handle them than the States ever have.

    (2) those peace deals have been in negotiation for at least 25 years

    (3) Trump calls Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un "friends" of America one week, and its deadliest foes the next week.

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