Is it safe to get a tattoo during the COVID-19 pandemic in New Jersey?

2 Answers

  • Good tattoo shops are actually known for how clean they are, they get rid of any left over ink and replace every thing they have to, and use clean needles for their next customer. They should be wearing masks and gloves when tattooing you, they should also be physically distancing as much as possible. They should also offer hand sanitizer and after care for your tattoo. I have yet to hear of a covid break out coming from a tattoo shop. 

    Look up what their protocols for covid 19 are if you're going to get a tattoo. If you feel safe enough to get a tattoo then go for it, personally I don't feel safe doing that right now. Just don't go to a cheap scuzzy looking tattoo parlor. 

  • 1 month ago

    i wouldnt have a problem with it, thats up to you

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