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What’s causing my Oral Thrush?

So I’m 23 years old, I’m around 5’3, and I weight around 125 lbs. Over the course of a year, but worse over these past few months I’ve been getting symptoms related to diabetes. A year ago when it started they did a bunch of a blood work and everything was normal. But this was a year ago, and my symptoms are worse. My symptoms are frequent thirst and dry mouth, frequent urination, fatigue, brain fog/ not thinking straight, lightheaded and dizzy, fast heart rate , nausea, shakiness, craving sweets more that usual(don’t know if that ones a sign but I don’t normally crave sweets), blurred vision. There could be other symptoms I’m not thinking of but those ones bother me on a day to day basis. Over these past few days my throat started to feel really sore, especially yesterday. So I flashed light in my mouth and the back of my tongue is white with red dots beneath. Then the sides and roof of my mouth are yellow. Which I heard is mostly likely oral thrush. I found it odd because I take care of my mouth. But my throat hurts and it hurts to swallow. My mouth also feels dry and so are my lips. Also for the record I’m getting into my doctor office soon, but figured out of curiosity what others opinions are on my situation. 

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    Time to see a specialist. Ask your doctor to recommend one.

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    Only a doctor can make a diagnosis

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    There are so many causes for oral thrush, too many to list, but a few are...

    Since the fungus, (Candida albicans),  is normally already in your mouth, all it takes is for something to cause an overgrowth of the fungus to have it take off in your mouth. Things like stress, weakened immune system, other fungal, bacterial or viral infections, illness, lack of sleep, poor diet, eating, kissing or drinking after someone with thrush infection. Heck if you wear dentures, braces, mouth or a retainer, and don't clean them well, it can cause your oral conditions to change enough to cause the thrush to over grow which causes the problems you are noticing now.

    I've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes since 2001, and have never had an issue with thrush, or any other oral problems other than a couple of crowns that were replaced. 

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