Ps3 doesn't remember all the settings?

Hi everyone, I've recently connected my ps3 to my tv screen through a hdmi switch, as my tv only has one hdmi plug and I've got 2 devices connected (ps3 is one of them). Seems that playstation has lost all the settings since I connected via the switch, as the controller is not recognized anymore (that's why i need to turn the console on from the ON button). Also, when it's finally on I can see that wifi connection is gone and I need to reset it; same thing with the controller.

May it be because of the hdmi switch? Is pressing the switch button as plugging in and out the console somehow?

Thanks for your help.

PS: the only outputs available on my tv are hdmi and usb 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    You still use the ps3? everyone has already sold their ps4 for a ps5 yet you still on the ps3. bruh

    Source(s): epic bruh moment
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