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How can I keep the rats out of my yard? (Dog poop special)?

Hi everyone I have two dogs and a nice sized yard - no grass. I clean up after my dogs regularly, however if there’s any poop left in the yard over the middle of the night, the local rats show up eating the poop. This causes several issues because once they’ve picked which parts of the poop they want to eat, it’s harder to clean up and not only that but the rats leave some of their OWN poop behind. I think it’s absolutely gross I’ve tried dumping baking soda around the fence and apple cider vinegar. Any help please?


The food is whole hearted grain free 

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    try changing your dogs food.  figure out how soon your dog goes (after eating).  Then you can time when to pick up it’s fecal matter.

    Rats don’t like certain a scents mint, black pepper, bounce (dryer sheets), onion.  

    I used to have mint plants in my yard.  They were pretty effective.  Peppermint oil works too soak cloth or cotton balls and leave them where the rats are.  

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    Train the dogs to use the toilet. Failing that, train them to eat their own poop. Do not kiss them afterwards.

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    maYbe give your yard a good cleaning and hosing regularly

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     Clean it before dusk....... No food possibility = no rats

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    I agree with those suggesting a better quality dog food so that what they poop out isn't that enticing to the rats.  You can call the city or county pest control & get them out there to working on the rat infestation.  That is their job.  If you got rats the whole neighborhood has rats & every one can call & ask for help with the infestation.  Rodent control.  You cannot fight them by yourself, there are too many.  Get the city or county out there to do their job.  You can also contact environmental health & get them after the rats too.  You & your neighborhood need help & it is up to the city or county to help you.

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    Pick up as soon as your dogs empty so there's nothing left lying around at the end of the day.

    Feed a better quality food so most of it is properly digested and of no appeal to rats.

    If it's that bad, get pest control involved - rats carry Leptospirosis and other diseases which your dogs do not need.   However if you do that, you'll have to do a sweep of your property first thing to remove any dead/dying rats.  When we had rats around a few years ago, because I don't normally booster beyond age 7,  I had my two boostered against Lepto.   Just in case.

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    Nekkid and I agree on all points.  If you were feeding a grain -free or (BEST) a raw (meat & bones) diet the dogs would not have undigested grain or "fillers" in their poop and would not be attracting hungry rats.  I also got rid of all BIRD FEEDERS.

    I have a pooper scooper & I DO pick up my yard as often as needed, and do it every day.  I use a lidded septic "doggie dooley" system, but a dog poop bag also works. UPCO catalog as compostable poop bags.  

    I have also installed motion detector lights (on my trees) so I can see, if I need to go out to any point on the yard and can establish where the dogs ARE, if they do not come back, quickly.  You will need to go out & pick up POOP (even at night) to eliminate any possible "attractant".  If you STOP FEEDING the rats => they will go AWAY.

    (Your other option is to adopt some cats.)

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    Feed your dogs a better grade of dog food for starts.   The rats are eating the poop because it has undigested food in it.  

    Feed something grain-free.

    Picking up the poop would also work

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